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Mr Monkey aboard the U-480 Foxtrot, 17th September

"The electric engines don't use the oxygen up, you see"

Mr Monkey looking at the electric engines Mr Monkey looking at the diesel engines

Mr Monkey clambered through a hatch into the U-480's engine rooms. He found four electric motors - one PG-102K and two PG-101K's which together produced 5400hp to move the submerged boat at up to 16 knots, and a PG-104K producing 140hp for silent navigation. The electric motors were powered by 300 tons of batteries, which had to be recharged by the three 37D diesel engines. The diesels could only be safely run if the boat was on the surface, or was at periscope depth with the snorkel up (which would slow the submarine to 9 knots).

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