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Mr Monkey tours the Bridgewater Hall, 12th October

"It looks a long way down"

Mr Monkey looking down from the upper level of the Bridgewater Hall Mr Monkey looking at the inside of a caponier

Mr Monkey couldn't help noticing that there was a gap between the outer wall of the auditorium and the foyer floor. He peered over and found he could see right down to the information desk on the ground floor. He also found himself close to the upper parts of Deryck Healey's sculpture, Visual Poem. Inspired by Manchester's old textile industry, this is a collection of steel ribbons attached to four floors of the sloping auditorium wall. As Mr Monkey was led down to the choir level he looked out of the large windows, getting an excellent view of the bridge used by the Metrolink tram system, the Manchester Central exhibition centre (which used to be the GMEX and was originally a railway station),and the new Hilton hotel.

You can read about the exhibition centre at the Manchester Central website.

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