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Mr Monkey sees Catapult 07 at Urbis, 2nd November

"That would look even more interesting if you could spin it around"

Mr Monkey looking at Spartakadia by Ffion Wright Mr Monkey looking out of level 3 of the Urbis building

The last artwork Mr Monkey looked at Spartakadia by Ffion Wright, which is intended to be a more cheerful and positive version of the mass gymnastic displays of totalitarian states. Mr Monkey wondered if it'd work on a zoetrope. He scampered to the end of level 3 to look at the lights of Manchester outside Urbis, and very carefully leant over the railings to look down the inside of the building. And then it was time to go home. On the way to the station, Mr Monkey remembered how many of the pieces in the exhibition were called Untitled and decided someone should give classes in Giving Proper Names To Art.

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