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Mr Monkey in London, 10th January

"I'd wear all of them, but not at the same time"

Mr Monkey looking at a poster showing hats with the slogan Which Ought You To Wear? Mr Monkey with Butchkin's 1917 Freedom Loan poster

When he got to the Imperial War Museum Mr Monkey trotted up to level 2 to see the Weapons of Mass Communication exhibition, an interesting selection of posters from the Museum's collection that were mostly designed to make people go and do dangerous things, or to lend money to their governments. Mr Monkey was particularly impressed by a British recruiting poster from 1914 which could be wilfully misinterpreted as fashion advice, and quite liked a Soviet poster by Peter D. Butchkin that won a prize from Maxim Gorky in 1917.

Mr Monkey wasn't allowed to take pictures so he stood in front of the exhibition catalogue when he got home.

You can read about the exhibition at an Imperial War Museum microsite.

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