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Mr Monkey sees Yofi at the MCDC, 24th January

"Some of the best things are furry, you know"

Mr Monkey looking at some suede chains by Carla Rosenfeld Mr Monkey looking at felt jewelery by Anat Gelbard

Yofi means beauty in Hebrew, which is probably how the exhibition, sponsored by the Association of Israeli Decorative Artists, got its name. Mr Monkey quickly noticed that there were a lot of artists exhibiting, and that they mostly worked in textiles, ceramics or metals, and set off to see which could be photographed the best. Mr Monkey examined suede chains by Galya Rosenfeld and slightly furry felt and metal jewelery by Anat Gelbard.

You can read about the exhibition at the Craft and Design Centre website and about the Association of Israeli Decorative Artists at the AIDA website.

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