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Mr Monkey in York, 25th February

"It's a pretty impressive place for a snack"

Mr Monkey outside the Assembly Rooms Mr Monkey in the main room of the Assembly Rooms

Mr Monkey led his humans along to Blake Street, to visit the Assembly Rooms. Designed by Richard Boyle, 3rd Lord Burlington, these opened in 1735 as a place for dancing and other entertainment and may be the earliest neo-classical building in Europe. Mr Monkey was a little peeved to find the front of the building covered in plastic while someone worked on it, but his humans were glad to find out that Ask, the restaurant inside, was still open despite the building works. While his humans had a light lunch, Mr Monkey admired the Great Assembly Room, based on Palladio's idea of what an Egyptian Hall ought to look like.

You can read about the Assembly Rooms at the York Conservation Trust website and about the restaurant at the Ask restaurant website.

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