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Mr Monkey in York, 26th February

"There should be a boat along here soon"

Mr Monkey looking at the Lendal Tower from the riverside Mr Monkey looking looking at the North Street Postern Tower from the riverside

Mr Monkey found some steps beside the Lendal Tower and went down to the riverside. He spent a little time looking at the towers next to the Lendal Bridge. On the north side is the Lendal Tower, and on the south is the North Street Postern (formerly known as Barker Tower). In medieval times a massive chain was raised between the two towers to stop ships sneaking into the the port of York without paying a toll. The North Street Postern was the home of the ferryman who took people across the Ouse before the bridge was built in 1863. It was also sometimes used as a mortuary for people who drowned in the river.

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