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Mr Monkey at the National Railway Museum, 26th February

"I rather think I prefer steam trains, really"

Mr Monkey looking at the Chinese Government KF7 Mr Monkey looking at Class 76 EM-1 Bo-Bo

Mr Monkey examined one of the biggest locomotives ever built in Britain. Twenty four KF class locomotives were built for the Chinese Government Railway at Vulcan Foundry in Newton-le-Willoows in 1935, using money from the British Boxer Indemity Fund*. Then Mr Monkey looked at an early electric locomotive. When it was being developed by the LNER it was the EM1; after nationalisation it became the British Rail class 76.

You can read about the KF 4-8-4 at the laslocomotoras blogspot (in Spanish; you may need a translator) and about the EM1 at the LNER Encyclopdedia website.

* which the Chinese Government paid into to cover British costs incurred invading China during the Boxer uprisings.

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