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Mr Monkey at the National Railway Museum, 26th February

"I rather think I prefer steam trains, really"

Mr Monkey looking at the Chinese Government KF1 Mr Monkey looking at Class 76 EM-1 Bo-Bo

Mr Monkey examined one of the biggest locomotives ever built in Britain. Twenty four KF class locomotives were built for the Chinese Government Railway in Warrington in 1935, using money from the British Boxer Indemity Fund*. Then Mr Monkey looked at an early electric locomotive. When it was being developed by the LNER it was the EM1; after nationalisation it became the British Rail class 76.

You can read about the KF 4-8-4 at the Todotren website (in Spanish auto-translated by Google) and about the EM1 at the LNER Encyclopdedia website.

* which the Chinese Government paid into to cover British costs incurred invading China during the Boxer uprisings.

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