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Mr Monkey at the National Railway Museum, 26th February

"That would be very useful if you had a mountain railway, you know"

Mr Monkey looking at a horse drawn dandy car Mr Monkey looking at a Fairlie Patent narrow gauge engine

Mr Monkey had thought that the motive power of everything in the Great Hall would be steam, diesel or electric, until he found a North British Railway dandy car. Between 1863 and 1914 this was pulled by a horse along a railway built in the bed of a disused canal running between Carlisle and a village called Port Carlisle. Nearby he found Livingston Thompson, a Double Fairlie locomotive built for the Ffestiniog Railway in Wales. It looks like two tiny engines joined together but actually there's a central boiler and firebox powering two driving bogies, which means it can take tight curves while towing a heavy load without falling off the track.

You can read about the Port Carlisle railway at the Visit Cumbria website and at the Solway Firth - past and present website, and about the Double Fairlie at the Steam Safari website.

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