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Mr Monkey sees How Manga Took Over the World at Urbis, 21st March

"So that's where it all came from"

Mr Monkey looking at drawings by Hokusai Mr Monkey looking at Dave Siddall's history of Manga

Mr Monkey investigated the history of manga, a word made by sticking the ideograms Man ('involuntary') and Ga ('picture') together. He found out that one of the earliest manga artists was Katsushika Hokusai, though his 15 volumes of manga were sketches rather than comic strips and he had changed his name to Taito for a bit. Mr Monkey looked at some Hokusai pictures, then read Dave Siddall's manga-style history of manga after the Second World War. Mr Monkey carefully read it in the right direction, from right to left.

You can read about Hokusai at the Hokusai Museum website, experiment with characters from Hokusai sketches at the adgame-wonderland website and read about Dave Siddall at the Davey Double website.

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