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Mr Monkey aboard the Golden Hinde, 15th May

"I don't think it would be nice in here if anyone actually fired these cannon"

Mr Monkey on the gun deck of the Golden Hinde Mr Monkey looking at a minion pointing out of a gun port

Mr Monkey swarmed down onto the gun deck. There were fourteen minions here. With a crew of four a shot could be fired every three minutes. The shot weighed 4lb and had an accurate range of 300 yards, or 3000 yards if you weren't particular about what you hit. Most of the 40 crewmen slept on this deck and there was a manger housing sheep, pigs and chickens for the officers and gentlemen to eat. To keep the ship's centre of gravity low the headroom is low, which didn't bother Mr Monkey but did rather hurt Mr Rik.

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