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Mr Monkey in Prague, 12th June

"It's a very big monument"

Mr Monkey looking at the Jan Hus monument Mr Monkey looking at the back of the Jan Hus monument

Mr Monkey scampered back to the Old Town Square to have a proper look at the Jan Hus monument. This massive sculpture was designed by Ladislav Saloun and was unveiled in 1915 to mark the 500th anniversary of Hus being burned at the stake for heresy. Mr Monkey marvelled at Jan Hus being so defiant even with a pigeon on his head, and at the Hussite warriors of the 1420s and the defeated Protestants being exiled in the 1620s on either side of him.

You can read about Jan Hus at the Society of Archbishop Justus website and about his importance at the Britské listy website.

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