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Mr Monkey in Portsmouth, 28th August

"Well, that involved more dampness than I expected"

Mr Monkey looking out to sea beside the Southsea hoverport Mr Monkey watching a hovercraft getting ready to leave Southsea

Mr Monkey scampered back along the promenade until he came to the Southsea hoverport. He waited on the beach beside the sheet of concrete that the hovercraft stop on, and watched as a hovercraft came in to land. He watched as passengers from the Isle of Wight got off and passengers going to the Isle of Wight got on, and watched bags of post being taken out of the big external lockers. Then the hovercraft started up again, swung around to face the sea, and set off to the IOW. Mr Monkey found that when a hovercraft shoots off into the Solent it blows a bit of the Solent over anyone standing on the beach.

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