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Mr Monkey aboard HMS Victory, 29th August

"I think they'd be more interesting if they were painted with dazzle camouflage"

Mr Monkey looking at the ship's bell Mr Monkey watching HMS Illustrious leaving the dock

Mr Monkey inspected the belfry and the ship's bell, which was rung every half hour by a sailor who had an hourglass to tell him when the half hour was up. Mr Monkey found that he had a good view of HMS Ark Royal and HMS Illustrious, both aircraft carriers. He noticed that the deck of the Ark Royal was covered in a big white tent. Underneath the canvas the crew were repairing the carrier after it had been on exercises with the US Navy. As Mr Monkey watched, HMS Illustrious was towed away from the dock, rotated 180°, and sailed out of Portsmouth harbour.

You can read about HMS Illustrious at the Wikipedia website.

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