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Mr Monkey in Portsmouth, 29th August

"It's almost more realistic than the real Mary Rose"

Mr Monkey looking at a bronze cannon on a replica carriage Mr Monkey looking at a replica of the upper deck of the Mary Rose

Mr Monkey examined a bronze cannon mounted on a replica carriage. Then he looked a life size recreation of part of the upper decks of the Mary Rose, intended to show what it would have looked like just before sinking. The outside just looked wooden so he ran round to the 'inside' of the ship, to look at a wrought iron cannon and an archer firing from the top deck. Then Mr Monkey ran through to the interactive Bonaventure Gallery, where he listened to Tudor music, experimented with navigating, and chuckled as Mr Rik succeeded in wearing Tudor armour but failed to pull a longbow properly*.

* Mr Rik would like to point out that he had no trouble at all with the lady's bow and the hunting bow, it was only the war bow defeated him.

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