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Mr Monkey aboard HMS Warrior, 30th August

"I wonder if they thought it all through properly"

Mr Monkey looking along the side of HMS Warrior Mr Monkey looking up at a mast

Mr Monkey scurried back to the gangway up to HMS Warrior. On the way he looked at the gunports and noticed that they were narrower than the gunports he'd seen on HMS Victory the day before. Aboard the Warrior he looked up at the masts. When all the sails were set, HMS Warrior could make 13 knots. Mr Monkey realised that even though the Warrior marked a new stage in naval warfare using long range rifled guns, she still had fighting tops for marines to shoot at nearby ships just on like HMS Victory. He also noticed that someone had left signal flags hanging from the yard arms. On one side they read DISCOVER, on the other WARRIOR 1860.

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