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Mr Monkey aboard HMS Warrior, 30th August

"I bet he wouldn't have done that if the princess had been annoyed"

Mr Monkey looking towards the prow from the bridge Mr Monkey looking towards the stern from the bridge

On the bridge Mr Monkey looked forward to the prow, spotting the funnels and marvelling at the length of the deck. Then he turned round to look at the red ensign flying over the stern, and was surprised to see PRINCESS IS MUCH PLEASED on one of the ship's wheels. This dates to 1863 when HMS Warrior escorted the Danish Princess Alexandra on the last leg of her journey from Copenhagen to London. When the Royal yacht Victoria and Albert docked at Gravesend, it sent the signal "Princess is much pleased" to the escort, and Captain Tyron of the Warrior was so pleased he had it written in brass on his ship's wheel.

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