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Mr Monkey aboard HMS Warrior, 30th August

"I suppose it's a bit less cramped than HMS Victory"

Mr Monkey looking at an Armstrong 110 pounder rifled breech-loader on the gun deck Mr Monkey looking at a 68 pounder muzzle loader Details of the guns

Mr Monkey scampered through a bulkhead into the 'citadel', the central armoured section of HMS Warrior. The citadel is 213 feet long, 58 feet wide and 22 feet deep and is armoured with 4½ inch thick wrought iron plate backed with 18 inches of teak. Most of the ship's guns - twenty two 68 pounder muzzle loaders and 4 Armstrong 110 pounder breech loaders - were mounted on the main gun deck in the citadel, and around 650 of the 705 man crew slept here. Mr Monkey inspected one of the Armstrong guns, then looked at a 68 pounder surrounded by hammocks and removable mess tables.

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