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Mr Monkey at the Kew Bridge Steam Museum, 2nd November

"It's enormous, and it's not very well lit"

Mr Monkey looking at the standpipe tower from the 90 inch engine house Mr Monkey looking at the beam of the 100 inch engine

Mr Monkey looked out of a window in the 90 inch engine house to see the standpipe tower, then went through an archway to look at the 100 inch engine. This was installed in 1869-71 and, working day and night with the 90 inch engine, pumped most of the 30 million gallons of water needed daily in homes from Sunbury to Kensington. Mr Monkey couldn't really grasp how big the engine was, because engine houses were built around the engines while the engines themselves were being installed - they started with a framework to support the main beam and worked their way down to the ground - and he could only see a small part of the engine at a time. And then he was told that the museum was closing soon, so he scampered for the exit.

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