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Mr Monkey in London, 3rd November

"It was an excellent and engrossing exhibition"

Mr Monkey in front of photos of Vespa 125cc motorscooter and a Messerschmitt KR 200 Mr Monkey in front of a photo of a P70 coupé

Mr Monkey spent the rest of the morning in the Cold War Modern exhibition learning about art and design during the Cold War. Amongst all the photos, films, paintings and small items there were some larger exhibits. Mr Monkey admired the Vespa 125cc motorscooter (1951) and the tiny Messerschmitt Kabinenroller KR200 (1955), and was surprised by how modern (for 1954) the East German P70 coupé, with its Duraplast body, looked. When he'd been around the exhibition he scurried back to Euston Station and caught a train home, happy with another trip to London.

You can read about the exhibition at the Victoria and Albert Museum website.

Because cameras weren't allowed in the exhibition, Mr Monkey is pictured here standing in front of plates from the V&A's Cold War Modern book. That's why the Vespa is floating above the Messerschmitt.

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