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Mr Monkey visits Stephenson's Works, 21st February

"They used to make locomotives around here, you know"

Mr Monkey outside Stephenson's Works Mr Monkey going through the Works front door

Mr Monkey went to number 20, South Street. In 1823 George and Robert Stephenson bought land here and opened the first purpose built locomotive factory in the world. Mr Monkey read the plaque beside the door, then went in to see how much of the Works had been preserved by the Robert Stephenson Trust.

You can read about the Trust at the Robert Stephenson Trust website.

The text on the plaque reads:

Robert Stephenson
1803 - 1859
Robert Stephenson & Company
established the world's first
purpose built locomotive factory, 1823.
Designed & constructed 'Locomotion
No.1' in 1828, 'Rocket' in 1829
and 'Planet' in 1830.

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