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Mr Monkey sees UK Craft Mafias at the MCDC, 2nd April

"I'm not totally sure about this exhibition"

Mr Monkey arriving at the UK Craft Mafias exhibition Mr Monkey looking at animal heads by The Madness of Many

Mr Monkey scampered into the Craft and Design Centre to see some examples of work by members of the UK Craft Mafia (who are an alliance of craftspeople, not a criminal organisation). Mr Monkey was a little startled to see what appeared to be the heads of beany animals mounted on the wall, but was persuaded that Madness of Many (Kimberly Diamond) had just made dummy heads, and hadn't murdered innocent beasts.

You can read about the exhibition at the MCDC website, the Craft Mafia at the Craft Mafias™ website and about Kimberly Diamond at Madness of Many website.

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