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Mr Monkey sees State of the Art : New York at Urbis, 8th April

"Real junkyards and dumpsters obey the laws of gravity, you know"

Mr Monkey looking at Second Life Dumpster by eteam Mr Monkey looking at Split Time by Shelter Serra

Next Mr Monkey looked at what appeared to be a collection of random things. It turned out to be a real life version of a small part of Second Life Dumpster, 4096 square metres of junkyard in Second Life owned by eteam (Hajoe Moderegger & Franziska Lamprecht). The installation reflects the sort of things Second Life users are leaving in the dumpster, which probably explains why some things are floating in the air. Then he examined Split Time (H2) a computer milled piece in EPS foam by Shelter Serra.

You can read about Hajoe Moderegger & Franziska Lamprecht at the eteam website and about Shelter Serra at the Shelter Serra website.

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