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Mr Monkey in Bristol, 16th May

"I prefer Doyle to Poe, you know"

Mr Monkey watching the Conan Doyle & Poe anniversary panel Mr Monkey looking into the signing room

On Saturday, the Crimefest panels were in the Kings Room. Mr Monkey made his humans breakfast early to see Gyles Brandreth, Judith Cutler, Andrew Pepper, Declan Hughes, and David Stuart Davies (participating moderator) discussing the work of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and Edgar Allan Poe. Afterwards, Mr Monkey popped into the signing room, where authors are chained up and forced to put their right names in their books.

You can read about Crimefest 2009 at the Crimefest 2009 page, download mp3s of the panels from the Crimefest 2009 programme page, and, most importantly, read about Crimefest 2010 at the Crimefest website.

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