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Mr Monkey sees Head Full of Magic at the MCDC, 1st June

Mr Monkey scampered down to the Craft and Design Centre to see their latest exhibition, Eve Bennett - Head Full of Magic. Eve is the third winner of the Centre's MMU Graduate Exhibition Award.

Mr Monkey looking at cases of ceramic butterflies Mr Monkey quickly found out that all Eve Bennett's work is connected to a part of her family history, and that the stories are told on ceramic plaques.

He started by looking at cases of ceramic butterflies inspired by a visit to the insect collection of the Manchester Museum.

Mr Monkey looking at a row of ceramic fish Next Mr Monkey examined some ceramic fish, each with a line of a poem about catching and kissing fish written on it.

Mr Monkey thought the ceramic fish looked more solid and substantial than the butterflies, but he thinks that real fish are usually more solid and substantial the real butterflies.

Mr Monkey looking at sketches of butterflies Mr Monkey studied some of Eve Bennett's sketches for her butterflies. He thought it was interesting comparing the sketches to the finished butterflies, but wasn't sure about the red spots.

Mr Monkey looking at a ceramic mouse Mr Monkey also examined a family of accidentally-gassed birds and some frogs, but they didn't photograph well enough.

Finally Mr Monkey looked at a small white mouse inspired by a rescuing-a-mouse-from-a-cat incident.

Before he left the MCDC Mr Monkey tried to win a prize by finding mousetraps hidden around the building, but he couldn't find the right number.

You can read about the exhibition at the Manchester Craft and Design Centre website.

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