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Mr Monkey sees Birdhead at the CAC, 16th July

"If you wanted to sell your BAG art, you'd have to sell your house too"

Mr Monkey watching the video My Beautiful Zhang Jiang Mr Monkey looking at a BAG art picture

Mr Monkey watched My Beautiful Zhang Jiang, a video following an unconscious woman being carried through Zhang Jiang, an industrial city in the Pudong district of Shanghai. Then he went into the CAC offices to look at an example of Birdhead Affordable Game art collecting. An artwork by a Shanghai artist is printed on newsprint, glued to the buyers wall, and a frame is spray-painted around it. The price is tied to the price of Big Macs. Mr Monkey wasn't totally sure that his humans would let him have pictures glued to their walls.

You can read about the Birdhead Affordable Game at the BAG art website.

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