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Mr Monkey sees the Best of Manchester at Urbis, 23rd July

"When they've finished down here, we can go and see what the prizes are for"

Mr Monkey listening to Vaughan Allen's speech Mr Monkey watching Holly Russell collecting the Fashion award

Mr Monkey arrived at Urbis in time to listen to Vaughan Allen, Urbis's Chief Executive, talking about the third Best of Manchester Awards. Then it was time for the award-winners to be awarded their awards. Mr Monkey watched as Holly Russell won the Fashion award, Jayne Compton and Max Moran won seperate Music awards (they had to give out two awards instead of one) and the eerily named Owl Project won the Art category. Mr Monkey was interested to see that this year there were special commendations in all three categories.

The shortlists were -

Fashion : Music : Art :

You can read about the Best of Manchester Awards at the Urbis archive website.

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