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Mr Monkey in Nieuwpoort, 18th September

"I think it's a reference to migration"

Mr Monkey looking across the mouth of Nieuwpoort harbour to see Gaalgui Mr Monkey looking out to sea at Nieuwpoort

Mr Monkey got on another tram and jumped off at Nieuwpoort Bad. He scurried down to the mouth of the Ijzer and looked across the channel. On one side of the river he could see De Blauwvoet, a 3 metre high oak sculpture marking the opening of the first marina on the Belgian coast in 1980. On the other side he spotted another Beaufort piece. Gaalgui by Philip Aguirre y Otegui, a sculpture based on a Senegalese pirogue. Walking along the promenade, Mr Monkey looked out to sea and spotted what looked like a fuel tanker of some sort heading for Nieuwpoort.

You can read about the artist at the philip aguirre y otegui website.

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