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Mr Monkey in Nieuwpoort and Middlekerke, 18th September

"That over there is either the installation or a low-flying UFO"

Mr Monkey outside De Roos at night Mr Monkey looking up at Salacia by Tamar Frank

When his humans had carried him to Nieuwpoort, Mr Monkey let them have an excellent meal at De Roos. When they left the restaurant full and happy several hours later, Mr Monkey made them get off the tram at the Krokodiel tramstop in Middlekerke to look for another Beaufort installation. As Salacia, by Tamar Frank, involved fixing lights around the top of the local watertower, it wasn't too hard to spot.

You can read about the restaurant at the De Roos website and about the artist at the Tamar Frank website (with lots of excellent pictures, follow the 'index' link).

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