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Mr Monkey in Middlekerke and Westende, 18th September

"There's always an exacavator working somewhere on the Belgian coast - it's almost a law"

Mr Monkey looking at Caterpillar 5Bis in the dark Mr Monkey looking at the statue of Fanny

Scurrying along the promenade Mr Monkey passed a slightly mysterious excavator. It's called Caterpillar 5Bis and it was originally left on the Belgian coast by Wim Delvoye as part of the first Beaufort festival. The perforations in the sides of the machine seem to be based on the stonework of Flemish churches. A little further on Mr Monkey met a long row of statues of Belgian comic characters, including Fanny from the Kiekeboe (Peekaboo) strip, sculpted by Josyane Vanhoutte.

You can read about the Wim Delvoye at the Wim Delvoye website and about Josyane Vanhoutte at the Josyane Vanhoutte website.

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