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Mr Monkey visits the Frietmuseum, 19th September

"There's more to the chip than I thought, you know"

Mr Monkey looking at a traditional caravan frietkot Mr Monkey looking at Belgische friet nr 53

Mr Monkey inspected a traditional caravan type of frietkot from the inside and the outside and decided he'd rather be outside buying the frites. He admired the museum's large collection of chip-oriented art, especially the sculpture Belgisches friet nr 53 by Bram van Looveren. Mr Monkey also found out that Americans probably eat French fries because the Belgians who fed frites to doughboys in the Great War were French-speaking, and no-one had explained the difference between Belgium and France to the troops. And then Mr Monkey bought some chocolate potatoes in the shop, and left the museum.

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