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Mr Monkey sees Home Grown at Urbis, 14th October

"That's a very odd place to keep your bananas"

Mr Monkey looking at Big Dada records Mr Monkey looking at DMC DJ championship t-shirts

As Mr Monkey expected, hip hop rose again. The Renaissance 1995-2000 section focussed on new record labels such as Big Dada, and the resurgence in breakdancing and competitive DJ'ng. Examining the covers of records from from the Big Dada label Mr Monkey was drawn to the banana based design of a Roots Manuva disc; around the corner he wondered if he really could learn turntabling skills reading t-shirts from DMC (Disco Mix Club).

You can read about Big Dada at the Big Dada website and about Roots Manuva at the Roots Manuva website.

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