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Mr Monkey takes a Matcham tour, 21st February

"I might need to speak to my hatter"

Mr Monkey looking at the Chinese decoration of Chinatown Mr Monkey looking at a collection of hats worn by Charlie Cairoli

The last part of the Tower that Mr Monkey saw was, in 1905, described as "a brilliant reproduction of a Far Eastern City"*. It's been redesigned since and all that's left of the original Chinatown are some allegedly Chinese masks and ornate doorways. Now it's an exhibition about Charlie Cairoli, the resident clown at Blackpool Tower Circus from 1939 to 1979. Mr Monkey was most impressed by the collection of hats worn by the clown, though some of the costumes were striking too.

You can read about Charlie Cairoli at Wikipedia and see old photos and posters about the Tower at the Blackpool Postcards website.

* The same poster also said it was "picturesque and grotesque".

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