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Mr Monkey walks the Rochdale Canal through Manchester

Trip date : 4th May, 2011
"I still don't feel totally comfortable here, you know"

Mr Monkey looking at the remains of the canal arm and the building site next to the Piccadilly tunnel Mr Monkey looking at the mural in the Piccadilly tunnel

Still under 111 Piccadilly, Mr Monkey looked the canal basin to his left, which was mostly taken up by fencing around the site of the new Premier Inn hotel. In 1849 there had been a short canal arm here and an arched entrance into a warehouse. Mr Monkey remembers seeing the wall of a warehouse, with the arch into the building, when he had a look around in 2004. Looking to his right (vaguely south), Mr Monkey admired the colourful mural painted in 2002 as part of an attempt to regenerate the area, and found out that there seemed to be an entrance to the tower hidden in a corner. Mr Monkey didn't investigate further because he could see it would involve swimming and other dampness.

You can read about the mural at the Pennine Waterways website.

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