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Mr Monkey in Blackpool

Trip date : 14th February, 2012
"I'd have seen it twice if I could"

Mr Monkey outside the Grand Theatre in Blackpool Mr Monkey looking around Blackpool North station

Mr Monkey spent most of the evening at the Grand Theatre, because he had booked tickets to see The Animals and Children took to the Streets, performed by the 1927 theatre company. This was an absolutely brilliant mixture of live theatre and animation about the conflict between wealth and poverty in a city which isn't as perfect as it thinks it is. Mr Monkey recommends the show to everyone. When it had finished Mr Monkey and his humans had to scurry rather quickly through the dark streets of Blackpool so as to be able to catch the last train home.

You can read about the theatre at the Grand Theatre website and about the show at the 1927 website and on YouTube.

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