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Mr Monkey tours Manchester Town Hall clock tower

Trip date : 12 December 2012
"I wonder if having the dome back would spoil the view?"

Mr Monkey looking at the Town Hall from the clock tower Mr Monkey looking south across the roof of the Town Hall extension

Mr Monkey found that he had a rather good view of Manchester, but that the hazy weather meant he couldn't see much beyond the city. He started by peering over the eastern side of the tower and looking down on the main part of the Town Hall. The street-like courtyards are often used by film and TV crews needing authentically grimy Victorian streets. To the south he saw the Town Hall Extension, built in 1938, with the Central Library beyond it. The Library looked a little odd, as its dome had been removed as part of rebuilding work. The missing dome meant that Mr Monkey got a good view of the Midland Hotel as well.

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