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Mr Monkey tours Manchester Town Hall clock tower

Trip date : 12 December 2012
"The sound goes out and the wind comes in, you know"

Mr Monkey approaching the door to the bell lantern Mr Monkey looking up into the roof of the bell lantern

Once he'd been around the walkway at the top of the tower a couple of times, Mr Monkey went through a small door into the bell lantern, intent on seeing the biggest bell in the tower. He was expecting it to be warmer inside the lantern, but it was still cold because there are a lot of windows to let the sound of the bell out so it can be heard across Manchester. You might expect birds to come in through the windows too, but apparently they don't like the bell. The windows don't let much light in, and there's electric lighting on even a half past three in the afternoon. Mr Monkey couldn't help noticing a lot of steel girders that didn't look as if they were part of the original plans for the tower.

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