Mr Monkey in Russell Square

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One day in March, Mr Monkey realised there were some places in London he hadn't visited, and decided to remedy the situation. This time he decided to fly down from Manchester, stay in Russell Square, and to take a first class train home. Mr Rik and Miss Carol were very pleased about all this, until they found out who was supposed to pay for everything. Apparently, organizing the trip is the hardest part, and you wouldn't expect a young monkey to pay as well as doing the organizing, would you ?

Follow the links on the images below for larger pictures of Mr Monkey's trip.

Flying to London Landing in London Leighton House Kensington Park Kensington Park at Dusk London Eye Hungerford Bridge Canal Museum Regent's Canal Pipers in Hyde Park Wellington Arch Buckingham Palace Queen Victoria Memorial Cabinet War Rooms Downing Street Westminster Sherlock Holmes Pub Temple of Mithras College of Arms Bow Bells First Class travel

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