Mr Monkey in Berwick

"I'm not sure there really is a fort here at all"

Mr Monkey atop the Rhymer's stone Mr Monkey beside the Trimontium stone

Mr Monkey turned off the road to visit the Rhymer's Stone, a rather odd modern gravestone-like object replacing a large boulder that someone carelessly lost. This stone allegedly marks the spot at which Thomas the Rhymer was kidnapped by the Queen of Elfland

A few minutes later he noticed a sign claiming there was a Roman fort nearby. It turned out that the fort was under some fields, but there were some helpful boards and a big Roman altar to point out lots of things that only archeologists can see. Mr Monkey rather wished he'd gone to the Trimontium musuem in Melrose, instead.

You can read about the Rhymer's Stone at the Border Stones site and about Trimontium at the Trimontium Trust site.

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