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"Dublin is full of good buildings, you know"

Mr Monkey across the Liffey from the Four Courts Mr Monkey on the North of the Liffey

Mr Monkey scampered along the banks of the Liffey. When he was on the south bank, he looked across at the Four Courts, which was shot at by the British during the Easter Rising, and by the Pro-Treaty government in the Civil War. It's all repaired now, except for the bullet riddled pillars. When he crossed to the north side, Mr Monkey studied the Sunlight Chambers building on the south side - the sandy one with the blue strips on the corner - with its friezes showing the manufacture and use of soap.

Irish Architecture Online has pages on the Four Courts and the Sunlight Chambers.

Mr Monkey later found another Sunlight Chambers, only in Newcastle upon Tyne.

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