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  Mr Monkey in Newcastle

"I wonder what he's watching out for ?"

Mr Monkey in front of the Tynemouth Life Brigade watch house Mr Monkey in front of the Collingwood Monument

When he left the priory, Mr Monkey scampered off towards the Tyne. He was able to look at the outside of the Watch House, which belongs to the Tynemouth Volunteer Life Brigade, the first life brigade in the country, but he arrived too late to get in. Then he went into a nearby muddy field to look at the Collingwood Monument. Admiral Lord Collingwood was born in Newcastle and commanded the Royal Soveriegn, which was the first British ship to engage the French at the Battle of Trafalgar.

You can read all about the history of the Watch House at the Tynemouth Volunteer Life Brigade website.

There's a page about the Collingwood Monument at the website.

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