Mr Monkey in London

"This is where time begins, it says here"

Mr Monkey on the Meridian   Masthead of Greenwich Edition of The Times, 14 September 2001

The Prime Meridian, which marks 00 longitude and therefore the beginning of time zones, is shown by a metal strip with a moving text display. Some tourists posed with one leg each side of the Meridian. Mr Monkey prefered a more compact and less flashy pose. And even if his legs were longer, he'd still have adopted the same modest pose. According to him, anyway.

Next to the meridian is a machine that prints out a chunk of the front page of The Times for the day, with extra stuff showing the time and longitude of the print-out. It costs a pound, but Mr Monkey thought it was good value, especially as he was using Miss Carol's money. He did explain that he would have used his own money, but he never carries change, as he has no pockets.

Pay a virtual visit to the Observatory at the Royal Observatory Greenwich website.

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