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Mr Monkey in Harrogate and Ripon

"This looks like it might be a bit grim"

Mr Monkey outside the Ripon House of Correction Mr Monkey beside a police telephone box

A bit down the road, Mr Monkey found the Prison and Police Museum, which is in a building that Ripon rascals have been locked up in since the 17th century. After inspecting the scaled down* police telephone box outside, Mr Monkey scampered inside to examine the old cells, police uniforms, and to learn about the history of the prison and police services. He also found out that a Wakeman was a sort of special Ripon watchman, whose job was to keep everyone awake by blowing a horn in the market place at 9pm each night.

There's a page about the Prison and Police Museum at the Yorkshire Law and Order Museums website.

*But they don't say how much it's scaled down

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