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Mr Monkey at BoucherCon 2004

"They can talk as well as write, you know"

Mr Monkey listening to Rankin, Slaughter, Billingham and Lippman Mr Monkey listening to Rice, Moritsugu, Collins, Booth and Dumas

There were dozens of author panels at BoucherCon, up to four at any time (on account of how they had four rooms). Mr Monkey went to two in the largest room. Ian Rankin, Karin Slaughter, Mark Billingham, and Laura Lippman were moderated by Peter Gutteridge when they tried to discuss cliches in crime fiction. A bit later, Christopher Rice, Kim Moritsugu, Michael Collins, Stephen Booth, and Margaret Dumas wondered whether crime novels could be Great Novels*.

* Yes, they can. But only if they want to be.

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