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Mr Monkey in the Grand Place

"Apparently it's seven houses and nothing to do with any dukes"

Mr Monkey looking at the south corner of the Grand Place Mr Monkey looking at the Maison des Ducs de Brabant

Mr Monkey inspected the Maison des Ducs de Brabant, which is actually seven guildhouses joined together. The only connection with the Dukes of Brabant is that the busts of nineteen dukes decorate the front of the building. The guildhouses include the wagonmakers, the sculptors and the carpenters, which Mr Monkey thinks explains the frieze along the top. The Maison de l'Arbre d'Or, the building with the gold horse and rider to the left of the Hotel de Ville, seems to be the only guildhouse that hasn't turned into a bar or a hotel. Mr Monkey thinks this is rather funny because it's owned by the brewers' guild.

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