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Mr Monkey on the battlefield of Waterloo

"Really, the problem is that nothing's moving"

Mr Monkey inside the Panorama Mr Monkey with some waxworks of Napoleon's marshals

When he got down from the Mound, Mr Monkey went to visit the Panorama. This is a giant circular painting showing Marshal Ney somewhat foolishly leading all his cavalry up the slope to make unsupported attacks on the British squares waiting on the reverse slope. Then Mr Monkey scampered across the road and went to the Wax Museum where he noticed that the French figures got to stand in scenes with maps and chairs, while the British and Dutch figures just stood looking vacant. Mr Monkey was tempted to stamp and ask if the Belgians knew they'd all be speaking French if it hadn't been for Wellington, until he remembered that half of them do. So he crept quietly out of the waxworks.

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