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Mr Monkey in Brussels, May 13

"It's about as exciting as Buckingham Palace, only without the red coats"

Mr Monkey in front of the Royal Palace Mr Monkey in the Place Royal

Outside the Parc du Bruxelles, Mr Monkey found the Koninklijk Palais. This started as row of eighteenth century townhouses, and was converted to a palace by William I, who was king of Belgium and the Netherlands from 1815 to the revolution of 1830. Mr Monkey scampered round the palace into the Place Royal. He was interested in the church of St Jacques sur Coudenberg, which looked so unlike a church that the French Revolutionary army was happy to use it as a Temple of Reason. The statue on the roundabout is of Godefroid de Bouillion, first king of Jerusalem, and dates from the 1840s.

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