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Mr Monkey in Brussels, May 15

"Do you think it's supposed to look like a whale?"

Mr Monkey with a half revolving abstract sculpture Mr Monkey looking down at the English coast

At the top of the Mont des Art, Mr Monkey found a pool with a strange black sculpture surrounded by little jets of water. The top half of the sculpture slowly revolves. Mr Monkey pressed on, and visited the Museum of Musical Instruments. This is housed largely in the Old England building, which was built in the Art Nouveau style in 1899 as a shop for the Old England company. Now its a museum where visitors can see and hear musical instruments of all shapes and sizes. They don't allow photography inside the museum, and their bookshop was closed so Mr Monkey hasn't even got a postcard to pose in front of.

You can read all about the Musical Instrument Museum at the MIM website.

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