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Mr Monkey in Brussels, May 16

"It's a good station, you know"

Mr Monkey looking at St Micheal in the Gare Centrale Mr Monkey looking at monument to dead railway workers

Mr Monkey went to the Gare Centrale, to take a train to the airport. The platforms are in rather grim tunnels, but the upper levels are quite bright and airy, for a station. Mr Monkey was taken with the depiction of St Michael over the main entrance. St Michaels abound in Brussels as he's the patron saint of the city*. Before catching his train, Mr Monkey saw the monument above the stairs and stopped to think about the railway workers who died in the two world wars.

* As well as being patron saint of ambulance drivers, Cornwall, grocers, hatters, Papua New Guinea, Springfield Massachusetts, storms at sea, and many other things and places.

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