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Mr Monkey at the Wallace Monument

"You get a very good view from here"

Mr Monkey looking down from the Wallace Monument Mr Monkey looking at Stirling from the Wallace Monument

Another of the arguments about the Monument was where to build it, Glasgow or Edinburgh. In the end, the site chosen was atop a lump of basalt called the Abbey Craig. Not only did this have the advantage of not being in Glasgow or Edinburgh, but also it overlooked Stirling bridge, the site of Wallace's most famous battle*. Peering from the top of the monument, Mr Monkey could see Stirling Castle on top of a hill, and a stone bridge, which may or may not be a replacement for the one which fell down during the battle.

You can read about the battles of Stirling Bridge and Falkirk at the website.

* Well, at least, his most famous victory. Falkirk was quite famous, too.

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